KCT Contributions

Kokomo Civic Theatre would like to thank the individuals and business firms (listed below) whose generous contributions have helped make this season possible, since ticket sales cover only 46% of our expenses. We would like to thank the Kokomo Community Arts Commission and the Tippecanoe Arts Federation for grants which helped make our shows possible.

A large musical may cost up to $15,000 to produce. For example, the royalties (the rights to produce the show) and the script and music rental for The King and I, totaled $2900. Sets and costumes for The King and I cost approximately $4600. Because we do not have our own theatrical facility, we have to rent Havens Auditorium for each show. The cost of renting plus security is approximately $1005 per show.. Then there are the sets, costumes, publicity, program printing, etc. As you can tell, our expenses add up quickly. The cost to produce a non-musical play is between $4500 and $7500, depending on the set and costume requirements.

None of these figures take into account the costs of maintaining our warehouse (where we rehearse shows, build sets, and store costumes) such as gas service (which is particularly expensive in the winter), electricity, telephone service, and insurance.

If you would like to help Kokomo Civic Theatre to continue to provide high quality theatre for you the audience to enjoy, and for you friends, neighbors, children, and other family members to participate in, please consider making a contribution to KCT. Angels and Producers will receive two complementary season tickets. Benefactors will receive two complementary tickets to the regular season show of your choice. All contributions are tax deductible.


Angels....................$250.00 - $499.00

Benefactors...........$100.00 - $249.00

Sponsors...................$50.00 - $99.00

Patrons......................$25.00 - $49.00

Friends........................$10.00 - $24.00

You can send your contributions to:

Kokomo Civic Theatre

P.O. Box 2112

Kokomo, IN  46904-2112

Please make payable to Kokomo Civic Theatre and include your name, address, and phone number. Thank you so much for your support.



Alan & Carol Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Bolinger

Earthwise Plastics

Hingst Family Fund

Mrs. Martha Hollingworth

Mr. Steven Hughes

Ms. Cindy Miller

Ms. Pat Paulus & Mr. Brad Carter



Mr. Joe Cameron

Ms. Nancy Cameron

Carsons Department Store

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hanson

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hersberger

Tom & Heather Maroney

Mrs. Roma North

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Savage



Arts People

Craig & Lisa Bone

Ms. Carol Cameron

James Craig

Ms. Sue Davis

Alan & Evie Fell

Mr. Ted Haun

Russ & Maria Hawkins

Mr. Colburn Lambert

Ms. Sarah Oldfather

Barbara & Merrell Owen

Ms. Nicole Peel

Tom & Susan Richey

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Tate

Mr. & Mrs. David Turner


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bicking

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Buchanan

Mr. Walter Estes

Mr. Marvin McIntire

Ms. Beth Metcalf

Mrs. Jodi Schermerhorn

Mrs. Sharon Williams


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Arvay

Jerry & Peggy Land

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne McElfresh

Ms. Lois McKean

Adam & Alice Nelson


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baker

Mrs. Patricia Boardman

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Ellis

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lambert

Ms. Marian Mills

Mr. Michael Rodgers